Meet the Artist

Vanessa Gilbert Savlen

Artist's Statement

Art swirls through my blood via a long linage of acclaimed and beloved familial painters. Frequently surrounded by artists and their work my childhood was saturated with color and form and conversations about its meaning. So in a way, art is my first language. While in the magic of the desert earning a Bachelors of Art and immersed in formal training I dove into the joys and the techniques of printing, ceramics, sculpture and painting, graduating from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Ready for my next chapter I found I longed for my home state the ocean, and it seemed like fate to find the perfect studio on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and so established “Art by any Means” in 1999.

Initially the name was a pun on Art by any Medium as I had studied and loved so many genres (and it was so hard to choose just one!), but before long my focus had clearly landed on jewelry. I was drawn to the designing aspect because it can have the spacial structure of sculpture and the expressive colors of painting, the satisfying form and function of ceramics, and the ultimate production of small batch printing. Perhaps the most evocative and meaningful facet of this form of art for me was you take the piece with you, and incorporate it in the most intimate way: on your body. Jewelry is unique as it transforms from the Designer to the Wearer, it becomes an artistic collaboration and synergy.

Continuously designing, I’m ever curious and excited to discover the most stunning and exotic gemstones. Finding the newest cuts, or rare colors begins the gestation for next collection as part of a process that involves many artisanal layers. I use mixed metal wires of varying weights to develop a both simple and complex array of thoughtful forms that weave and support the fresh color palettes of the stones creating depth and texture. Using my cache of life long learned techniques and my deep passion for the process, I blend these elements to create a natural, beautiful and wearable expression uniquely “our" own. 

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