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Solstice Collection

Sol~The Sun appears to be rising and setting on the horizon in the same place, creating an opportunity for us to be still, a moment between the movement of your breaths, to open into the expanse of that space and let the rays of light like the sun shine. Honoring the light within.

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Our bracelet are skillfully crafted in combinations of sterling silver, brass, bronze and copper wire work that is flexible and sturdy. The clasps are perfected over many years to be easy and require no assistance. The sizing is small 6 3/4'' to keep the artwork in place on top of your wrist. So light and flexible you won't even know you have it on, but everyone else will.

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Trailblazer Collection

Listen closely, then fearlessly blaze your own trail even if you find it's a well beaten path. 

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Frost Collection

Collection of handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets with an icy but deep natural gemstone pallet.

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Earring Collection

All our handcrafted earrings have sterling silver french hooks. It's your choice statement or everyday wear, with natural gemstones or just mixed metal. Even our smallest earrings have noticeable artisan details for you to enjoy.

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Necklace Collection

The necklaces are engaging light sculptures of hand formed mixed metals set with sophisticated natural gemstone color combinations.


The chains are always 2" adjustable and sterling silver or 14k gold filled.

 Multiple matching earrings available.

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